Welcome to the Foundation for Student Success

FSS Mission

The Foundation for Student Success was founded in 2016 and is housed at the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) in Boulder, Colorado. The mission of FSS is to stimulate and support the use of predictive analytics and other emerging technologies to help institutions of higher education identify at-risk students and to develop interventions to increase their chances of success. None of FSS’s work will be for commercial purposes, and its results will be publicly available.Staff at NCHEMS serves as the staff for FSS.

“There are many national projects to support institutional transformations for student success, but the work of the Foundation for Student Success is more personal than most. These mentor institutions will share their successes and failures while ‘holding the hands’ of their mentees as they begin their long journey to shift their campus cultures.” – Sally Johnstone, FSS Executive Director

Mentor Case Studies

In a panel presentation at the first annual National Student Success Conference, Foundation for Student Success Executive Director Sally Johnstone introduced the organization’s mentorship program.

Click here to learn more about the mentor institutions.

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