Foundation for Student Success Research

In the Fall 2016, NCHEMS staff used publicly available data sources to identify a small group of community colleges and public universities across the country whose students were being more successful than the input variables would predict. The analysis began by including those institutions with at least 25% of the student body coming from the following populations: American Indian, Black, and/or Latino. While the input variables were a little different for the community colleges than for the universities, the results allowed the identification of institutions that might have some promising practices.

FSS staff then conducted interviews with leaders at the selected institutions. NCHEMS staff provided data and information on the progress of the institutions in reducing their equity gaps over several years. The FSS Board members evaluated those reports and identified colleges and universities that seemed to have been successful in actually changing the culture on their campuses. These institutions were then invited to become Mentors. The result was the selection of seven Mentors, each of which agreed to work with three similar institutions over the next two years.

Initial Revelations

Mentor Case Studies

Next Steps

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