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The Foundation for Student Success Program Participants

What are we doing?

Identified Mentor Institutions

Through data analysis we identified colleges and universities with success rates for targeted students at higher rates than input variables predicted. We then interviewed leaders to document the external evidence of equity gap reduction and actual changes in campus cultures.

Mentee Institutions

Mentee institutions are institutions standing to benefit from the lessons a mentor institution has learned to improve the success of American Indian, Latino, and Black students. Mentee institutions commit to work towards the student success-related goals they have set for the two-year project.

Matched the mentor institutions with mentees.

Staff at mentor and mentee institutions work together over two years to achieve greater student success.

Program Participants

The mentor institutions will be sharing their lessons (both successful and less successful) with three mentee institutions each. The Mentor Institutions are followed by their respective Mentee Institutions.

CSU Channel Islands, Camarillo, California,
Los Medanos College, Pittsburg, California
Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey
San Jacinto College – Central Campus, Pasadena, Texas
Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina

In the spring of 2017, staff from mentee colleges and universities visited their mentor institutions to start the process of understanding how the mentor institutions were able to manage their long journey of institutional transformation that resulted in better success for their Black, Latino and/or American Indian students. In addition, FSS staff will coordinate periodic conference calls between the staff members of mentor institutions and their mentees as they begin to set and start working on their goals for the project. Mentor institutions will be available for consultations with their mentees as their plans to change their campuses’ cultures are implemented. Over the course of the two-year project, case studies will be developed of the mentor institutions activities that resulted in increased success for targeted students, and of their work with the mentees. In 2018, the mentor and mentee institutions will be featured in webinars for the general higher education community.

The mentee institutions will commit to undertake a guided quest to shift the culture of their campuses in ways that have shown to be successful in increasing the success rates of Black, Latino and/or American Indian students. Each mentee institution is linked to a mentor institution that has many of the same characteristics (e.g. type of institution, rural/urban, size, types of students).

Staff at each mentee institution will work with its mentor’s staff to help start the process of campus culture change. Mentee institutions will be asked to report on their activities and progress plus fill out a benchmarking survey at the beginning and end of the award period.

States with Public Institutions in the FSS Project

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